About Me

At MaryDeeTravel, I always strive for complete client satisfaction.  Whether planning a destination vacation or a trip around the world, I’ve covered it all. After selling my commercial real estate business, I established my business to provide outstanding luxury travel. As a passionate traveler, I had searched for an advisor who would give me amazing travel options outside the canned trips, and chain hotels found online.  If boutique resorts, private bespoke tours and unique adventures are what you seek in travel, please allow me the pleasure to work with you! 


About Travel Edge

MaryDeeTravel is an affiliate of the highly selective Travel Edge Group. This gives access to premium products and services. Travel Edge is home to 350 exclusive agents in North America. The scale of our network supports the most exclusive benefits to our clients, giving us the ability to open up a world of "front of the line" accessibility to worldwide travel.